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Shining a Light on New Zealand's Search and Rescue Heroes

Shining a Light on New Zealand's Search and Rescue Heroes; The importance of branding and awareness

New Zealand's search and rescue volunteers are the backbone of safety across the country. From bustling urban areas to remote wilderness, they're always on standby, ready to lend a helping hand – 3300 volunteers spread across 64 locations.

However raising awareness and garnering the necessary fundraising support presents a significant challenge. “That’s why branding is crucial for spreading the message and staying relevant” shares Candice Tovey, Marketing Manager at Land Search and Rescue (LSR).

Print Central also delivered the Land Search and Rescue rebrand, an important part was putting their full name in their logo to help with recognition. This was rolled out across all of their branded material including; vehicles, banners, flags and brochures, including board games to help share safety messaging in schools.

The Searchlight campaign is their latest endeavour to raise awareness and celebrate their vital work, which coinciding with their 91st anniversary, At the heart of the campaign is ‘Seek’, a lovable furry mascot on a mission to spread the word about search and rescue efforts.

With an interactive game to spot cardboard cut outs of Seek in the wild (Produced by Print Central), Seek makes learning about safety fun and engaging.

Katie Arden, Fundraising Manager shared "Print Central has been a great help to us. We have centralised all of our campaign printing, and fast nationwide shipping means we've been able to reach communities all over New Zealand. Their support has been invaluable in spreading our message effectively."

Local businesses have jumped on board, offering prizes to participants. It's not just about winning; it's about showing appreciation for those who dedicate their time to keeping communities safe.

But of course there is some good loot up for grabs! The campaign runs through May, so keep an eye out for Seek’s whereabouts to enter the draw to win.

Join the movement and show your support for New Zealand's Land Search and Rescue heroes. Let's shine a light on their incredible work and ensure they know just how valued they are.

Visit Land Search and Rescue

23rd May 2024