Custom signage is one of the most effective ways to market your business. We combine creative flair with technical expertise to get your message across.

Maximum exposure.

Need help with the fit out of new premises? Or just due for a brand renovation? Let customers know you mean business with PC Signs.

We take a fresh and modern approach to signage. Of course we can do your standard above-the-door sign like an old-school sign writer. But we can also make your windows do the work with decals and frosting and make 3D signs that genuinely stand out. Our car-wrap experts will turn your company vehicles into moving billboards and our wall-wrap experts will transform an interior wall into one giant sign. Make the most of all that Queenstown foot traffic – talk directly to your customers with the perfect signs, posters and banners.

Queenstown signage

Custom signage is one of the most sophisticated and effective ways to market your business to the world. Business signs never tire, working day and night to catch the eye of every passerby and leave a vision of your sign design lingering in their mind. Talk to the friendly team at Print Central today to get to know how our custom signs can achieve maximum exposure for your business.


Signwriting Services


Enlist our professional signwriting services to see your business writ large upon the eyes of the world. Print Central brings you the best of digital signage in NZ, combining our technical expertise with creative flair to make your message memorable. Sign writing has gone digital, allowing us to offer you many fresh and modern approaches to signage. Get your message across and let customers know you mean business with Queenstown signage by Print Central. Our dynamic range of signs go far beyond standard shop signs above the door! Explore with Print Central sign writers what we can do for your interior feature wall, shop windows, and company vehicles.


Custom Signs for Your Business


Give your business branding a new lease of life with a sign writing makeover. Queenstown signage needs to be bold and eye-catching to make their mark upon all the visitor foot-traffic. Print Central have been printing in Queenstown for years and we know exactly what it takes to make your business signs pop. Try out our custom signs for size at your business, transform vehicles into travelling billboards and light up the sky after dark with chic lightboxes guiding the way. The team at Print Central look forward to discussing dynamic signage options with you to best suit your sign advertising goals.