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Race-Ready in Record Time: Golden Homes Jet Boat Install

When Ethan Smith, the Director of Golden Homes in Queenstown, approached us with the exciting challenge of designing, printing, and installing graphics for his boat destined for an upcoming race in America, we eagerly seized the opportunity. There's nothing quite like applying our expertise to a unique canvas, and the prospect of contributing to a high-stakes racing venture added an extra layer of excitement.

Boat racing is a passion that runs deep in the family, and for Ethan and the Golden Holmes crew, the upcoming challenge marks an exhilarating first. While they've proudly sponsored New Zealand River Racing as a Principal Sponsor, this occasion marks their debut in actively participating in an overseas world event. Describing the journey as 'a bit of fun with a whole bunch of friends and an opportunity to explore another part of the world,' Ethan adopts a nonchalant attitude, embodying the spirit of 'We'll turn up and see how it goes.'

Alongside experienced driver, Tom Kelly, Ethan is a first time navigator and will be looking to guide Tom away from potential obstacles such as large rocks and steering the optimal course down the river. The journey begins with a rigorous capsize test, ensuring the driver and navigator can exit an upturn boat in challenging situations effectively. Anticipating the company of approximately 30-40 other boats, all launching at one-minute intervals, the ultimate prize goes to the boat that navigates the course with the shortest time, racing from Point A to Point B.

Over the Christmas break Tom and Ethan poured every spare minute into assembling the boat's engine and orchestrating its journey across the ocean.

The destination: the World Jet Boat Marathon in Oregon, USA.

Reflecting on the collaboration with Print Central, Ethan expressed, “It was an easy and seamless process, with a one-week turnaround and just a single design change. Remarkably, Print Central went above and beyond by bringing the expertise directly to us for the vinyl installation.”

As the Golden Holmes boat gears up for the challenge in May, we extend our best wishes to the entire crew. May the sleek design and meticulous printing contribute to a victorious performance on the waters. Here's to a thrilling race and the pursuit of excellence!

27th January 2024