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Embracing Sustainability in Print

While sustainability and printing may not seem like an obvious match, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the strides eco-friendly practices have taken. At Print Central, we take pride in leading the way with innovative technologies that ensure our equipment doesn't end up in rivers or landfills – but recycled for good.

Print Central is a proud participant in the 'Close the Loop' program, a revolutionary initiative utilising innovative technology and a three-step method: 'Take Back,' 'Recover,' and 'Reuse.' Through this process, our ink cartridges are reclaimed, restored to their raw state, and either reintegrated into the original supply chain or repurposed into new martials.

Choosing a print partner is important, and while the industry is making great progress green-washing still exists. We recommend inquiring about their sustainability practices, ask questions, seek transparency, and make an informed, eco-conscious decision aligned with your values.

Here are a few of the top questions we recommend;

1. Paper Sourcing
It's essential to inquire about the origin of the paper used. Opting for responsibly managed and regenerative forests guarantees a reduction in environmental and wildlife impact. Remember, the upfront cost may not always reflect the true cost to the planet. 

2. Ink Composition
Explore the type of ink being utilised. Opt for print professionals using at least 80% vegetable-based inks as they offer a more eco-friendly alternative compared to petroleum-based inks.

3. Recycling Practices
Investigate their recycling initiatives, such as participating in programs like 'Close the Loop' for ink cartridges. Also, inquire about their approach to recycling signage materials, paper, and cardboard waste. Going above and beyond, some businesses even donate offcuts to the community, supporting initiatives like kindergartens.

By posing these questions, you contribute to the demand for sustainable printing practices, fostering an eco-conscious approach within the industry.

At Print Central we are committed to best practice sustainability. If you’d like to learn more about our processes get in touch with our dedicated team, you can also check out Close The Loop online.

The Print Central Team


1st January 2024