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Black Teal Bay

Discover Black Teal Bay: A Journey into Organic Wellness

Nestled in the scenic shores of Lake Wakatipu, Black Teal Bay has flourished from a simple idea into an organic wellness brand.

Founders Mark and Jasmine began their venture with a vision to grow aromatic herbs and create natural wellness products. Their focus on organic essential oils and infusions ensures a pure and select range of products. Jasmine, the creative force behind Black Teal Bay, formulates their range of products from the botanical herbs they grow – including body and face oils, aromatherapy oils, skincare balms and creams.

Mark reminisces, "We didn't start with a fancy business plan; it was an evolution. We wanted to develop a quality wellness brand and create products from the aromatic herbs we grow."

From Vision to Reality: Building a Brand

Recently, Black Teal Bay opened a retail store at 30 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown, to showcase their products and connect directly with customers.

The brand name, Black Teal Bay, was inspired by the independent blacktail ducks in their bay, symbolising the brand's spirit. “Black Teals symbolize independence, much like our brand. We combined this with a wellness vibe, reflected in our natural quality packaging," Mark shares.

Collaborating with Print Central was pivotal in translating their brand's essence into visually appealing designs and premium quality product, packaging, and labels. Through collaboration, Print Central ensured the packaging was perfectly tailored to each product's shape and size, with colours harmonising to create the gentle tone Black Teal Bay desired.

Mark praised the process, saying, "Print Central listened to us, understood our vision, and delivered quality that resonates with our values. Print Central has been and continues to be a committed local partner for us”

Future Aspirations: Staying True to Our Roots

Looking ahead, Black Teal Bay plans to develop their retail presence while staying true to their roots—connecting with customers and focusing on quality over quantity. Black Teal Bay is more than just a business; it's a testament to Mark and Jasmine's passion for wellness and nature.

Visit Black Teal Bay botanicals & books at 30 Buckingham Street, Arrowtown, or explore their range online at and join them in celebrating the essence of organic living.

20th June 2024