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Behind the Lens with Master Photographers

Behind the Lens: An Inspiring Chat with Master Photographers Mike and Jackie

Print Central has had the privilege of a long-term collaboration with esteemed photographers Mike Langford and Jackie Rankin, whose work has influenced creative photography. Recently, we had the chance to chat with them, uncovering their inspiring journey, deep passion for the art, and the unique workshops they offer through their thriving business.

A Shared Passion for Photography

Mike and Jackie, both Canon Masters and Grandmasters of photography in Australasia, have unique yet complementary backgrounds. Their shared passion brought them together, leading them to establish the Queenstown Centre of Creative Photography, now based in Twizel.

Empowering Through Workshops

Their workshops are held in some of New Zealand’s most stunning spots, including South Westland, the Catlins, and Central Otago. Each five-day workshop is limited to six participants, ensuring a personalised experience. Mike explains, “We focus on pre-production techniques, helping photographers capture the perfect shot in the field.” Jackie adds, “It’s about understanding the subject and eliminating distractions to create compelling compositions.”

They also take their workshops global, visiting amazing places like Japan, Uzbekistan, and Tibet, offering breath-taking backdrops and rich cultural experiences. “We want our students to see the world differently and capture it in unique ways,” says Mike.

The Role of Publications in their Success

A key element of their publication success is their collaboration with Print Central. Mike and Jackie have authored many books, including several field guides, practical tools designed to fit into a camera bag. “Having a reliable printing partner like Print Central has been crucial,” says Jackie. “They helped us produce guides that are current and practical, giving us control and quality we need.”

Colour management and the choice of the correct paper stock are vital for producing high-quality prints, areas which Print Central paid meticulous attention. In fact, Print Central proudly displays a collection of Mike and Jackie’s large-scale images in their Queenstown office, inviting both clients and the public to view and appreciate the art first-hand.

Top Tips for Novice Photographers

  • Understand Your Subject: Focus on the main subject and eliminate distractions
  • Zoom with Your Feet: For iPhone users, move closer to your subject rather than using digital zoom
  • Lighting is Key: Good lighting can significantly enhance your photos
  • Use a Tripod: It helps capture clearer, more stable images
  • Experiment with Long Exposures: This technique can smooth out busy skies and create unique effects

Looking Ahead

As they continue to innovate and expand their offerings, Mike and Jackie remain dedicated to their craft and their students. Their upcoming workshops in Japan and Uzbekistan promise new adventures and photographic opportunities. “We’re always learning and pushing the boundaries,” says Jackie. “Our clients keep coming back, and we love inspiring them to see the world through a different lens.”

Mike and Jackie’s journey showcases their unwavering passion for photography and commitment to education. Discover more about their workshops and follow their latest adventures by visiting their website at

10th July 2024